About Edge Auto Rental

We like to think of ourselves as a driving force behind the NY/NJ metro area’s film and entertainment industry.

It’s behind-the-scenes work, but production companies have turned to us for more than 15 years to ensure their people and equipment arrive on time, every time in the latest year-to-date model vehicles.

What drove us to become NYC and New Jersey’s most trusted independent, employee-owned vehicle rental company?

  • Our customers: We know production companies have unique transportation and logistics needs. So we respond with 24/7 customer service and an extensive modern fleet of vehicles that are tailor-made for the film and entertainment industry.
  • Our community: We don’t just serve the NYC and New Jersey community and its surrounding areas; we’re part of it. On location Edge trucks line our city streets, and we’re proud to be part of an industry that’s so vital to our community’s economic well-being and cultural identity.
  • Our employees: We are now an 100% employee-owned business (ESOP), which means our customers can expect an ownership mentality and unwavering commitment to customer service. Every time you call our customer support team, pick up a vehicle from the lot or speak with our billing department you’re interacting with an employee-owner who is focused on client service.